Thursday, March 16, 2017

Recent ink drawings Waverley Caves Beach

Low tide - from old photo ( cave intact)

Cave with huge wave

Cave Beach at high tide and big sea

The other two caves and walkway - all gone now

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Finished oil paintings

Paratutu - painted with left over paint but it came out reasonable. I am being challenged working with oils and using colour, The way to get better is to keep going! A bit of an Hockney influence with the road colours

I have really struggled with this painting. I feel it is too green but slowly it came right - I think!

The  painting of the changing landscape of Waverley Caves Beach over 6 decades seemed like a simple idea but it also has been a challenge but I am reasonably pleased with the finished painting. Starting to get the hang of oil paint.

Close ups

TV images and doodling while watching TV

A figure from TV plus just filling in time

An image from a TV programme - girl siting on table

Been working on an oil painting  of Taranaki pa sites

Another oil painting on my mind about Waverley Caves Beach

 Bird images

Just doodling with no point in mind