Friday, August 7, 2015

Just gotta post something!!

It is a long time since I published a blog.

All in a mornings work.
No real excuses other than distractedness and laziness. Still a number of unfinished paintings waiting for my attention.

A big recent event was the removal of a large claret ash ( which, ironically I planted myself in 1970). It seemed a very difficult task. I worried that lots of other trees might be damaged but my worries proved unfounded.  The fallen trunk reminded me of a David Hockney painting.

While watching TV I amused myself adding further details to some figure drawings I had done previously plus couple of portraits taken while TV freeze framed.The seated figures seem to relate to drawings of Matisse, Picasso and American artist in the 80s - Diekenborn.

I have just bought a new set of drawing felts which are fun to use.

Portrait from TV

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  1. About time you posted again! I really like your figure drawings.