Friday, June 3, 2016

Four days to finish 5 paintings

I am going to display three or four paintings at my friend Wayne Morris' joint exhibition next weekend as part of the Taranaki Art Trail.

These paintings have been in an unfinished state for months so it feels good to almost finish them. And to make things better I am getting the hang of using oils.

This painting is based on a sketch taken in the Awakino Gorge. I have to add colour to road signs and maybe more texture on the trees..

This was  painting going nowhere so I just splashed on the paint  and now it isn't too bad. Maybe more texture on the plants on the side of Paritutu?

I had this sketched in blue paint and quickly applied the paint. I will add brighter green on the hills and sort out the river. I have plans to do a series based on they theme of the Maori  conflict over land - Te Whenua I Tohea.

This painting, based on the stream, bush and path in my bush has taken up a lot of time. It seems to be coming together nicely. I need to finish the tree ferns, the tree trunks and maybe texture on the trees.

This bush and trres are based on my bush. It is the smallest of the painting and I am having trouble making details clean and precise - but I think I now have the skill to finish it.

There is no doubt  you have to put in the time  the necessary skills to  gain satisfaction!

The last painting is a theme I like - birds, in this case  a tui. It still needs work on the bird - maybe some green, plus an eye.

All paintings will have a black frame.

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