Sunday, May 31, 2015

It doesn't get any easier - yet.

I had a bet ( no money involved)  with my brother and sister in law that I would finish a painting by the end of May.

I agreed to a short time frame to force myself to  complete the task.

I bought some new colours to provide more variety - I had read about the usefulness of Payne's grey to tint other colours. Seemed simple enough in theory. Also wanted to try mixing white enamel paint with oils! I had read that some well known artists had done this.

Nine paintings on the go- none yet finished

As usual I let other unimportant things get in the way. In the meantime I completed several drawings - a task that I enjoy but it's painting I want to do. On second to last day of May I started mid morning to start painting. I began on a half finished painting but at the end my attempt it seemed to be getting worse so I put it to onside and began to work on several paintings - applying  mixed colours to paintings that they suited.

After the figure painting I drafted out an image of a bird - an image I have previously used.
See above left

Then I mapped out a couple of large landscapes .

One based on  landscape with Maori pa and a European redoubt based on a drawing I had done.
Pa and redoubt sketch

And another based on a drawing based on a view from an aeroplane flight I had taken.

I also worked on a tree and road landscape that was progressing well - my attempts, once again, seemed to make it worse.

After several hours -time goes fast when you become engrossed in an enjoyable task - even when it wasn't exactly working out.

While away in Auckland I had read a book on oil painting and made notes from it. In my hurry to get on with painting I forgot to look through them - I will make use of then when next I start painting.

It is lack of skill using paints that is the problem

On refection it wasn't a bad start. The only way t improve is keep painting and learn through 'enlightened trial and error'.

This week who knows.

And I don't know who won the bet!

Under painting with diluted paint ( burnt sienna?)  and building up colour - a lesson for me

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