Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trying to get past drawing and just thinking about painting

I started this blog as a personal challenge - to motivate me to get back into art before it is too late.

I also wanted to make a record of some of the drawings/art work that I had done over the years. I had always wanted to do art but have been sidetracked by my enthusiasm for creative education. As part
Based on photo in Auck Art gallery
of my educational career I was able to meet up with a number of well known New Zealand artists and for a couple of years I was appointed as a school adviser in art.

I am still enthusiastic about education but have given up working in schools restricting myself to writing an educational blog and keeping up with reading.

It does seem that this blog is also diverting me from painting but it has made me really enthusiastic about drawing - drawing is a lot easier and takes less time and it is also easier to experiment with different styles and themes.

View from plane
Painting is still my intention. I recently bought a very large canvas but its size is somewhat off putting. I also have three unfinished paintings to complete. Ideas are not the problem - the problem is one of technique about using oil paints.

Last week I flew up to Auckland to stay with my brother Graeme and his wife Mary. Graeme is also keen on art and is currently finishing a large painting of a old butcher shop he observed  in Whangamomona while staying in Taranaki.  He also likes drawing but on a larger scale than my efforts.

While in Auckland with Graeme and Mary , we visited a number of art galleries. At the Dow-Langsford Gallery we saw paintings by Dick Frizzell (who I admire greatly), John Walsh's Gallipoli paintings and Rueben Patterson's art ( Rueben has recently become my neighbour). I like Walsh's staining technique.
A favourite image

At the Auckland Art Gallery there were good exhibitions of New Zealand Art - including Michael Snithers, Don Driver ( I have a wonderful Driver in my 'collection') , Dick Frizzell and Colin McCahon.  We visited the Billy Apple exhibition whose work is somewhat challenging to say the least.

On another expedition we visited the new Lopdell Gallery which featured amongst other artists the pottery of Barry Brickell. To complete our art visits we viewed the art on display at the Muriwai Surf Club.
Coastal Taranaki

On returning to New Plymouth I have completed a number of drawing exploring a set of art felt pens - some based on views of the Manakau from the plane. Other drawings are either based of images from the TV or earlier ideas. I have collected lots of images with my camera and keep them on my computer for reference.

The challenge is to complete my paintings and to do a new one. My brother and his wife have a bet on me to complte, or not , a painting by the beginning of  June. In my held mail were two brilliant books on creative education - I couldn't resist reading them!

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