Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Aerial views of Mount Taranaki and the South Taranaki coastline.

I viewed an u tube video of a helicopter flight over Mount Taranaki . The video was taken in the summer and only a small patch of snow remained in the crater. The views of the summit provided rocky images that aren't appreciated from a distance. Painting the mountain can all too easily become cliches but this video provided great images.

I made a view sketches  from photos captured by my cmaera from the video in a lined notebook - didn't have the sense to use a drawing pad. I have intentions of repeating the drawing later - and maybe make some into paintings.

U tube link  Mount Taranaki Worth a quick look.

The summit

Fanthams Peak


A second video was taken of the South Taranaki coastline taken by a drone-.This video also showed views of the landscape that cannot be appreciated from the ground.

U tube video South Taranaki coastline.

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