Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Drawings from a Taranaki geology book

On the way home from staying at Kumeu with my brother Graeme and his wife I stayed a night with my old friend John Charteris.

We had a great tour of the Hamilton Gardens - my two favorites were the Japanese and The Maori traditional garden.

While in the city John picked up a new book on Taranki geology and below are a few drawing based on photos from the book.

Maunga Taranaki
The Beehive extrusion on the mountain

The swamp between the ranges and the mountain

From the Whanganui  River to Maunga Taranaki

South Taranaki  cliffs Whenakura

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  1. I simply love the Whenakura coast drawing. I spoke to Peter Kamp, one of the authors and he had an interesting and current explanation for the cliffed coasts right around the Taranaki peninsula.