Sunday, April 19, 2015

Awakino drawings ( 2) - and some inspirational artists.

The Awakino Gorge if full of visual landscapes to record but all too often it is not possible to capture them fully while driving. Taking photos, as a passenger at speed, with a digital camera is an answer which requires the ability to make quick visual decisions. 

We all must have favourite views from our cars?

My intention is to develop imaginative painting based on photos, my  drawing and inspired by  artists who have impressed me.

Colourful road sign a forestry off road and an ordered  but dark pine plantation.

One of my favourite views and with a great contrast between sun and shade

A sketches made from  the photos.

Shapes made by overhanging trees

Idea from Dick Frizzell

Drawing based on one of the photos with trees, cuttings and road

One of the corners with deciduous trees and cutting.

Inspiration from Dick Frizzell - the Manawatu Gorge.. Love the simplicity.

Love the imaginative interpretation of David Hockney. A touch of van Gogh and Picasso?

A painting by Rita Angus I have long admired - Hawkes Bay road. A touch of Cubism?

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