Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bits and pieces from UK in 69

In 1969 I spent a year teaching in England. My experience turned out to influence my educational ideas dramatically but that is another story.

While searching notes from the time I came across some 'doodles' I made during courses I attended. Most of the doodles were of birds.

As well I found some sketches I made when visiting Stonehenge. In those distant days you could wander around the stones which I gather you can no longer do. Stonehenge really impressed me.
Stonehenge: the 'human shaped' figure my favourite
Most of my sketches during my travels were on blank postcards so they are lost to me. I can remember reasonably well the scenes I drew  whereas the images recorded as photos have long been lost.

Drawing is an excellent way of recording images. I can remember well things I drew but images taken with my camera have been long forgotten.
Old Sarum castle

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Someone once said that drawing is a way of asking questions and drawing answers. Something about slowing the pace - or paying attention to detail.

Bird and cliff card print
Most of my sketches I have lost but I found one from a visit to an English cathedral.

A small card print completed at an art course - birds and cliffs. There is a small Māori design Mt Taranaki somewhere based on the ideas of my friend John Bevan Ford.

I can't resist this sketch of one of the teachers at the school I drew during a staff meeting (obviously not paying attention). The most impressive teacher at the school and wonderfully we still keep contact.

 She doesn't know about the sketch!

Drawing done while visiting Lewkner School

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