Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pre 1970 drawings

My plan has taken a new turn as I search out drawings I had long forgotten about. Most of the drawings are of Waverley Caves Beach and none of them were taken through to paintings - except those featured in my previous post. All were completed in the 1960s
Note the Henry Moore comment
 My Henry Moore drawings
Caves Beach at high tide
Papa   with holes made by rock-borer mollusk.
Thee 'submarine base at Waipipi 1960s

A few kilometers North of the Caves Beach are these papa outcrops - possibly the remains of fallen caves. They were a favorite place for us to walk in the 1950s  and to  pretend they were submarines

These are but a selection of Caves Beach drawings

Abstract interpretations

Did one large painting from this set but lost

Seem to be obsessed by Henry Moore figures!

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