Friday, April 17, 2015

Interpreting the Awakino Gorge .

I had hoped to post daily but have been thwarted by lots of unimportant distractions.
Awakino corner

Over the last year or so I have become interested in corner  views from roads particularly in the Awakino Gorge. The Awakino Gorge has numerous sharp corners, cuttings, big hills and lots of trees - both introduced and native. And of course the river.

 The views also depend on the weather, the time of the day ( if sunny or overcast), and through the seasons .Always something to see.

David Hockney
As mentioned I have always been interested in observing  hills, rivers and bush but this has been highlighted, in recent times, by the amazing drawings/painting of David Hockney.

 Hockney, after living in California for many years,  has returned to his native Yorkshire and is now recording scenes close to where he now lives..

Another artist who interests me is Dick Frizzell - in particular his paintings of the Manawatu Gorge

I have driven through the Awakino  Gorge countless times and as a result  have picked out a number
of views I particularly like and keep an eye on. Many times I wished I had stopped to record the scenes.

Idea from Dick Frizzell
Awakino Gorge
Recently I have had the occasion to go through the gorge as a passenger and this has allowed me to take digital photos while the car is moving. This requires quick decisions but, as a result, I have a number of images that would be worth taking further.

Now I prefer to be the passenger - you see so much more.

I have, using my photos as a reference, made several drawing of scenes and  have one painting in progress of which I am unsure how to finish.

Unfinished Awakino painting

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