Sunday, April 26, 2015

Images of Waverley Caves Beach.

 I seem to have endless photos and drawings of Waverley Caves Beach - and the few  paintings I have done are of the beach.

I guess we all have special places that are important to us for all sorts of reasons.

Before latest cliff collapse

For me the beach represents happy times camping and staying batches with our parents and later camping by ourselves until  late teen years. As young kids we explored the area every summer holidays.

After the collapse

As well for me I just love the shapes carved into the reasonably soft papa clay cliffs by the waves and on a smaller scale by rock boring mollusks at sea level. And, as well, it is an environment that is continually changing.

The Caves Beach cove at low tide

An interest in sculptor Henry Moore and his fascination with the organic shapes of rocks, stones and bones  in my twenties also contributes. I  have also been interested in artists sch as Don Binney and Mike Smithers who use their 'special' environments for inspiration , and, of late, David Hockney , who, in his 70s, has returned to his Yorkshire birthplace to interpret it through art.

The caves area  is  bounded by soft sand/sandstone cliffs

The original caves linked by causeways

The southern end of the caves beach

One of several caves.

Most likely remnants of  caves

Small caves - some collapse to make blowholes inland

High tide - spectacular scenes in storms.

The collapsed cave at sunset

The line up of cliffs - most with caves ( at low tide)

The last cave looking very fragile

A cave you can walk through - at low tide

Another low tide photo looking towards beach cove

Collapsed cliff at high tide

The cove at mid tide - a reasonably safe swimming area

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