Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Beginning my revived journey into art

Yorkshire Big Painting
Today my clever daughter set me up this new blog for me to record my journey into art.

A touch of Vincent and a bit of Picasso?
I selected the David Hockney paintings to begin my blog because we are roughly the same age. I admire Hockney's art and the idea that, after a long career, he has returned to his place of birth focusing on drawing scenes from his local area.

As for me I have had lifetime interest in drawing and painting but now it is my intention to take it seriously. It is never to late!

I will start by posting drawings I did a long time ago  (starting from the 60s) that I have kept in notebooks and, when I have caught up, I will add to new drawings and paintings as completed as a record of my progress.
Small recent painting of his environment

Hockney is a great admirer of Picasso and Van Gogh but also draws wonderfully realistically.
Californian painting

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  1. Looking good Bruce. Will be interesting to see where it leads