Saturday, April 25, 2015

Recent drawings of Waverley Caves Beach

Over the years I have taken or collected numerous photos of the Caves Beach and from them completed scores of sketches. below are a few done recently. Above is a painting of the beach I completed in 1965.

The caves are formed by waves cutting their way through the soft papa clay cliffs.
A Cubist landscape?

Drawing of beach after the  collapse of  the last of originally three caves.

From old photo showing two of three original caves

Collapse of last cave

Collapsed cliff.

Remnant of old cave?

Remnants of collapsed caves

Based on a 1960s drawing

Entry of the birds from an older 1960s painting

These and other drawings will, hopefully, be combined into one semi-abstract painting.

A recent painting. before cave collapse

Beach at mid tide

Beach at sunset

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