Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Recording quick views - Coromandel roads

A combination of green kauri, red road cutting,  bush and hills - and the road
 I enjoy being a passenger in my car.
Young kauri tree at centre

As a school adviser I have driven over most of the roads in Taranaki and  done my best to admire the views. Over the years traveling to Palmerston North or Wanganui I have noted all the nikau palms, old houses and special places I like.

Last year I had to visit my sick brother a few times and during these long trips my daughter did the driving allowing me to relax and admire the drive.

On earlier drives as a passenger I  developed the habit of taking quick digital photos of scenes particularly approaching corners. Usually as a driver this is the time you really need to concentrate on driving. The windy road through the Awakino Gorge is full of visual excitement and I have gathered a range of photos to use for later drawing and maybe paintings.

Four small kauri and a red cutting
On our visits to Whitianga I had forgotten my camera but had a small pad and a 4B pencil at hand so I amused myself trying to capture the essence of views while in motion.

It is an interesting challenge. You have to pick the corner almost intuitively ( there are so many to choose from) quickly look to focus on the details and then equally quickly record them on the pad.

Quite a number, seem to me, to have the beginnings of ideas to reinterpret in paintings which so far I haven't done.

As a passenger, armed with a digital camera or a drawing pencil, you seem to see far more than normal.

Looking towards distant hills

Kauri, cutting and road cones
A 'wild' Eleagnus hedge

Kauri, wild hedge and hills

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