Thursday, April 2, 2015

Waverley Caves Beach 1965 -80s

An early drawing of Caves Beach
An impressive environment - before cave collapsed
Waverley Caves Beach  has been a special place for my brothers and I for many years. We stayed a the beach with our parents and later camped by ourselves up to our teen years.

The drawing and paintings were done in the mid 60s.

One of many drawings of beach at the tme

At the time I was impressed with the sculpture and drawings of Henry Moore. Over the years I have collected bones and stones reflecting my interest in Henry Moore. The soft papa clay cliff are shaped by waves into Henry Moore shapes.

Reclining figure Henry Moore

It also seems, on reflection, the hard edge style of NZ artist Don Binney must have been an influence. Binney's art shows a real affinity with the Auckland West Coast landscape and his longtime interest in ornithology.

 I am impressed that I was interpreting the environment with a reasonably abstract style.
Don Binney
 My 'Henry Moore' bones

A more abstracted drawing of the beach

First painting of Waverley Caves Beach
Second Painting - even more abstract
Bird from Binney ( detail)

The birds in the painting were derived from a mutton chop bone (Henry Moore) and maybe Binney .

Last painting of Beach
Caves Beach today - a changing lanscape

Drawing of beach in the 80s in a realistic style

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