Monday, April 6, 2015

Bird motif

Three birds from my painting
As I scroll through my collections of drawing  I have become aware of my fascination with bird images.

It's not that they hold any deep meaning for me - I just like the idea of birds.

Don Binney
In the 1970s a self appointed art 'expert', who accompanied Teachers College art students visiting schools in New Plymouth, came to a party held at my home. He saw my painting (with three birds above a rather darkly coloured Caves Beach) and stated the birds were signs of ominous things to come. I hadn't thought of that!

My original interest in the motif can out of my interest in Henry Moore.  I am not sure how he came to my attention but somehow he has a link in my mind to the smooth
Pat Hanly
shapes of the papa cliffs and the stones with holes 'carved' by the rock borer mollusks I grew up with at the Caves Beach. The bird shapes originated from looking at bones inspired in part through Henry Moore's fascination.

Bill Hammond bird world
Over the years I have become aware of a number of artists who make use of the bird motif: John Bevan Ford (who I was a close friend of), Braque, Picasso, Alex Katz (US), and New Zealand artists Don Binney and Pat Hanly. I am a great fan of both Binney and Hanly. Bill Hammond paintings are also inhabited by birds.
John Bevan Ford

1970 painting

Whatever their origin I am still fascinated by the bird image.

A recent bird drawing

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